Hugh Ross on FOX NEW's "Spirited Debate" with Lauren Green


Watch Dr. Ross' recent interview with Fox News Channel’s chief religion correspondent Lauren Green on her show Spirited Debate. Hugh and Lauren address the question "Does science support the Book of Genesis?" Click here to watch this exciting interview now!

"HUMAN BIOLOGY - Darwin or Design?" - A Downloadable Presentation!

Take a look at a presentation I recently gave to a group of about 20 doctors, medical students, and hospital faculty.  It is an examination of the scientific viability of Darwinism (materialistic evolution) as compared with Design (intelligent engineering of biological life).

Each section was interspersed with videos from "The Case for a Creator" (not included) and afterwards there was a 30 minute Question and Answer time.  Download it and customize it according to your liking....and then YOU go share it with someone too!  Email it, Facebook it, or show it to some one on your phone or tablet over coffee.

We have the evidence and the proof of God's existence and reality....go share the Truth!

Pastor J -

FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds (Pt.4) - Hummingbird Tongue

If birds are randomly evolved creatures, then why are Aerospace Engineers copying them today?

In this short clip, we see yet more of the amazing design and engineering of birds' bodies and mechanisms. In order to fuel its heart and wings that can flap up to 100 times-per-second, a hummingbird must eat several times an hour. This groundbreaking sequence from FLIGHT: THE GENIUS OF BIRDS illustrates the system of mechanisms that enable a hummer to consume several times it body weight in nectar each day.

Where Does the Evidence for Intelligent Design Lead Us?

"Follow the evidence wherever it leads" is what science and genuine seekers of Truth should be all about.  As Sherlock Holmes often stated in his fictional adventures:

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains (no matter how unlikely), must be the truth."

We have seen that this is indeed the case for the scientific theory of Intelligent Design.  After examining the evidences of Astronomy, Physics, Biological Machines, and the Genetic Code of information of DNA....what are the implications of our search?

Watch and find out....

Fox News hosts Dr. Craig and asks "Can we be sure that God exists?"

Recently, Fox News interviewed Dr. William Lane Craig, concerning the ways in which we as believers can go about demonstrating that God exists.  In this short but interesting clip, Dr. Craig explains his mission to defend Christianity from skeptics and nonbelievers

Take not of Dr. Craig's good use of his time, quick summary of complex  concepts, and his careful emphasis on being good and loving ambassadors of Christ, as we defend the Christian worldview.

These are good pointers to remember as we enter the Christmas season, and seek to look for opportunities to engage others in conversation about their worldviews, and how Christ alone offers Truth...

Is the Earth Designed for Complex Life? - "The Case For a Creator"

Is there anything remarkable about our blue planet?  Are there any design features that we can detect that point to an Intelligence?  Do we see any fine-tuning in the arrangement of the various parts and components of our planet, that make biological life possible?

These questions, and many more, are the subject of this short clip from Lee Strobel's "Case for a Creator".  It is a great visual exploration of the scientific evidence pointing towards the existence of God.

THE CASE FOR A CREATOR is a remarkable film about Lee Strobel's journey from spiritual skepticism to a profound faith in the God who has etched his indelible signature upon every galaxy and living cell.