"HUMAN BIOLOGY - Darwin or Design?" - A Downloadable Presentation!

Take a look at a presentation I recently gave to a group of about 20 doctors, medical students, and hospital faculty.  It is an examination of the scientific viability of Darwinism (materialistic evolution) as compared with Design (intelligent engineering of biological life).

Each section was interspersed with videos from "The Case for a Creator" (not included) and afterwards there was a 30 minute Question and Answer time.  Download it and customize it according to your liking....and then YOU go share it with someone too!  Email it, Facebook it, or show it to some one on your phone or tablet over coffee.

We have the evidence and the proof of God's existence and reality....go share the Truth!

Pastor J - IntelligentFaith315.com

The Genetic Fallacy: "You're only a Christian because you were raised in America!"

Can you invalidate someone's belief by showing how they came to hold it?  

As you'll discover in this short video, when someone confuses the ORIGIN of a belief with the TRUTH of a belief, this commits a textbook logical fallacy. Hear special guest Dr. William Lane Craig explain the Genetic Fallacy.  

Be sure to grab a copy of Dr. Craig's book "On Guard" to learn more about this and other arguments on how to defend your faith with reason and precision.

5 Reasons Why "Naturalism" Fails as a Worldview

Is Naturalism a self-defeating idea to hold onto? Is it possible that Naturalism is insufficient as a perspective on reality in the areas of science, philosophy, and liveability? 

As we discuss in this episode of "Intelligent Faith Radio" the worldview of Naturalism is fraught with intellectual problems and contradictions, and is a completely bankrupt and inconsistent view of reality.  Be sure to take note of the 5 ways in which Naturalism fails, and use it in your conversations and discussions about the Christian worldview.

For more evidences, be sure to download to "Intelligent Faith Radio" podcast from iTunes as well.

Is It Possible To "Prove" That God Exists?

Do you think it's possible to "prove" or rationally demonstrate the reality of God's existence?  If so, how certain can we be that a Being such as God truly exists in realtiy?

Listen to "Can We Prove God Exists?" from Intellingent Faith Radio and find out...  Subscribe here for the "Intelligent Faith Radio" podcast on iTunes.

Ex-Atheist and Aerospace Engineer comes to Christ...

It's interesting to hear of how some atheists and skeptics come to Christ over the course of certain events in their lives.  Here, you will here the story of Shaun, an aerospace engineer from New Zealand, who had never truly investigated the evidence for the Christian worldview.  

There came a day when Shaun decided to investigate the truth claims of Christianity for himself, and what he discovered would end up radically changing his life.  This is a good reminder to not give up on the skeptics around you, and to also encourage all those you are speaking with to examine the evidence of the Christian worldview for themselves, with an open mind and an honest heart.

Interesting personal account of how one aerospace engineer decided that the Christian worldview was the more rational option, after much intellectual investigation.

A Powerful Apologetic Method: ABDUCTIVE Reasoning!

"What in the world is 'Abductive Reasoing'?" Well, abductive reasoning is employed by crime scene detectives, car mechanics, and your medical doctor.  Abductive reasoning is when you look at all the known facts, and seek to form the best explanation to explain the data.  Abductive reasoning seeks to find the "inference to the best explanation" for the known facts.   

This is a vital way of thinking and investigating that all serious Christians should be engaged in....

 - Pastor J.