Hugh Ross on FOX NEW's "Spirited Debate" with Lauren Green


Watch Dr. Ross' recent interview with Fox News Channel’s chief religion correspondent Lauren Green on her show Spirited Debate. Hugh and Lauren address the question "Does science support the Book of Genesis?" Click here to watch this exciting interview now!

The Genetic Fallacy: "You're only a Christian because you were raised in America!"

Can you invalidate someone's belief by showing how they came to hold it?  

As you'll discover in this short video, when someone confuses the ORIGIN of a belief with the TRUTH of a belief, this commits a textbook logical fallacy. Hear special guest Dr. William Lane Craig explain the Genetic Fallacy.  

Be sure to grab a copy of Dr. Craig's book "On Guard" to learn more about this and other arguments on how to defend your faith with reason and precision.

Are Debates too Polarizing?

Hello. First things first, I would like to state that I am an unbeliever. My question is pertaining to the promotion of understanding toward the secular side of the debates you so often hold or participate in.

It seems like when you enter into these debates you take a very offensive stance that leaves little room for discussion. By only dealing with what you consider facts it seems as though you are attempting to leave yourself out of the discussion as a factor.

You cannot be surprised when later this is seen as disingenuous.

Getting to the point, I noticed watching all of your debates that you take nearly everything point by point, and disallow any wiggle room on the opposing side. Naturally not many people so adamantly conform to the outlines of the debate at hand.

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