5 Reasons Why Atheism Fails Intellectually - Part 1

Though Atheism seems to be the intellectual fad of the day in many American and European academic circles, is it possible that this worldview is actually logically self-defeating?  Is it reasonable to think that this "Problematic Perspective" of Atheism is intellectually untenable?

Well, as we'll begin to see in this 3 part series investigating Atheism, this infamous worldview is full of contradictions, logical inconsistencies, and blind metaphysical assumptions.

Tune in, take notes, and learn the weaknesses of Atheism....

Where Does the Evidence for Intelligent Design Lead Us?

"Follow the evidence wherever it leads" is what science and genuine seekers of Truth should be all about.  As Sherlock Holmes often stated in his fictional adventures:

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains (no matter how unlikely), must be the truth."

We have seen that this is indeed the case for the scientific theory of Intelligent Design.  After examining the evidences of Astronomy, Physics, Biological Machines, and the Genetic Code of information of DNA....what are the implications of our search?

Watch and find out....

The Evidence of Biological Information

Is the foundation of all biological life based on something that is itself non-physical and immaterial in nature - INFORMATION?  

Do we see the signature of an Intelligent Designer within the genetic encoded language of DNA?

As you will see in this short clip from "Case For A Creator", the answer is a resounding "Yes!".  How fascinating it is that we have discovered in the 20th century, that in the midst of scientists claiming that the only reality that exists, is that which is physical and material, we have come to learn that the very foundation of life itself is based on INFORMATION - a non-physical and immaterial reality.  

The DNA molecule (hardware) and the encoded, digital language it contains (software) have rightly been dubbed "the Holy Grail" of the biological sciences and will likely be the undoing of the Neo-Darwinian naturalistic worldview.

The Case for a Creator - Evidence in PHYSICS

Are the Laws of nature and the mathematical constants of physics set on a razor's edge, in order for life to be possible?  Is it true that the Universe we inhabit is finely tuned for complex life to exist?  

Join investigative journalist Lee Strobel, as he interviews many experts in the realm of Physics and Mathematics, to investigate what the degree of fine-tuning is within the Laws of nature and what the constants of physics can tell us about the structure of our universe.

Is it possible that these areas of science and mathematics point in the direction of a Creator....?

Is It Possible To "Prove" That God Exists?

Do you think it's possible to "prove" or rationally demonstrate the reality of God's existence?  If so, how certain can we be that a Being such as God truly exists in realtiy?

Listen to "Can We Prove God Exists?" from Intellingent Faith Radio and find out...  Subscribe here for the "Intelligent Faith Radio" podcast on iTunes.

The Fine-Tuning of Physics - Intelligent Faith Radio, Episode #17

Are the Physics of the Universe Fine-Tuned with breathtaking precision? Is it really true that we live in this universe balanced on a razors-edge of mathematical specification in the Laws of Nature?

 If this is true, then what is the best explanation for this incredible fine-tuning of Physics' Laws and Constants: Chance, Necessity, or Design?

Understanding Intelligent Design Theory - Sean McDowell, Biola University

What is exactly is meant by "Intelligent Design"? Do certain features of reality allow us to reasonably infer that they are the product of a Mind, an Intelligence, or a Designer?

Listen to Sean McDowell, who teaches at Biola University, give a concise but interesting presentation of this scientific theory and "inference to the best explanation" called Intelligent Design Theory.

A Powerful Apologetic Method: ABDUCTIVE Reasoning!

"What in the world is 'Abductive Reasoing'?" Well, abductive reasoning is employed by crime scene detectives, car mechanics, and your medical doctor.  Abductive reasoning is when you look at all the known facts, and seek to form the best explanation to explain the data.  Abductive reasoning seeks to find the "inference to the best explanation" for the known facts.   

This is a vital way of thinking and investigating that all serious Christians should be engaged in....

 - Pastor J. 

Calculating the Probability of God’s Existence

Dr. Craig,

I am a long timer viewer, my wife and I personally enjoy your On Guard book and my kids enjoy the What is God Like series. My question is one born from frustration dealing with a particular atheist colleague of mine. I definitely affects others around me, including myself, and I can't find anything in your books or website to help address this regarding the probably of God existing equals zero.

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