Why does a good God allow evil to exist?

If He is powerful enough to stop wrongdoing, then He Himself must be an evil God since He’s not doing anything about it even though He has the capability. 

Is He a bad God or a God that’s not all powerful?

One of the most haunting questions we face concerns the problem of evil. Why is there evil in the world if there is a God? Why isn’t He doing something about it? Many assume that the existence of evil disproves the existence of God.

Sometimes the problem of evil is put to the Christian in the form of a complex question, “If God is good, then He must not be powerful enough to deal with all the evil and injustice in the world since it is still going on.” Even the biblical writers complained about pain and evil. “Evils have encompassed me without number” (Psalm 40:12, RSV). “Why is my pain unceasing, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed?” (Jeremiah 15:18, RSV).

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"What is Evil?" - Dr. Norman Geisler

How should a Christian answer questions regarding the existence of "Evil"?

This is one of the most challenging questions that any Christian will be confronted with.  It is fitting for us to have a good answer when a skeptic inquires concerning the Christian Worldview's answer to these questions:

  • "What is Evil?" - The absence of a good that should be present.
  • "Where did Evil come from?" - Creatures with Free Will departing from God's perfect being.
  • "What is the purpose of Evil?" - Allows for Moral Good, genuine Love, and God's preordained plan to manifest themselves throughout history.
  • "What is the ultimate solution to Evil?" - In time, Evil will be conquered and removed by the Perfect Good - God. 

If you would like to delve deeper into this topic, I encourage you to listen to Dr. Geisler's teaching, entitled"If God, Why Evil?" here on our site.

- Pastor J.

"If God Exists, Why Does Evil?" - Dr. Norman Geisler

What is Evil and  How Did It Get Here?

Why Is It Still Happening and What is the Purpose of Evil?

Dr. Norman Geisler

, who trained and instructed William Lane Craig and Ravi Zacharias, gives some lucid and helpful insights into these fundamental questions concerning the "Problem of Evil and Suffering".  

It is interesting to note, that every Worldview have to answer the "Problem of Evil" coherently, even though according to consistent Atheism there is no such thing as "evil" and with Pantheism "evil" is simply and illusion.

Christian Theism

seems to be the only Worldview that gives a consistent and satisfying answer to the "Problem of Evil", both intellectually and practically.  It's good to be a Christian and a follower of Jesus!  I don't have enough blind faith to commit to any of the alternate worldviews - there simply isn't enough justification to do so, intellectually or evidentially. 

Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J. 

Does Evil Disprove God? - Dr. Alvin Plantinga

Is God's existence incompatible with great amount of suffering and evil in the world? 

Dr. Alvin Plantinga, one of the brightest and most effective Christian philosophers today, offers some interesting reasons why there is no logical incompatibility between the existence of "Evil and Suffering" in the world and simultaneously a God that is All-Good, All-Knowing, and All Powerful.

Contrary to common opinion, since there is no logical incompatibility, there only remains an atheistic argument against God based on "improbability".  Unfortunately, atheists are in no position to make such bold metaphysical claims, not having access to the information necessary to issue such judgments.

The only Worldview that gives an emotionally satisfying and philosophically adequate answer to the problem and solution to the origin, explanation, and answer to the "Problem of Evil and Suffering" is that of Christian Theism - Biblical Christianity.  

All other Worldviews (Atheism, Agnosticism, Pantheism, etc....) must also grapple with and answer with this profound problem..... but they fail to do so successfully.

Have an Intelligent Faith..... and don't have the blind faith of Atheism!

- Pastor J.

Evil, Suffering, and GOD?!?

Is GOD's existence incompatible with Evil and Suffering?

This is a very interesting and colorful description of Christian Philosopher Dr. Alvin Plantinga's response to the Problem of Evil and Suffering, which is called the Free Will Defense.

Please note that it was Dr. Plantinga that showed demonstratively once and for all that it is not logically inconsistent for an All-Good, All-Knowing and All-Powerful GOD to exist at the same time as evil and suffering.  Now the best argument that atheists can raise is called the "Probablistic Problem of Evil", which states that is it "unlikely that GOD could exist in a reality such as our which is full of suffering".  Even this version of the question is fraught with problems for the atheist and is full of presumptions.

More to follow on this shortly....God bless you all!

- Pastor J.

"If GOD, Why Evil?" - Multiple Answers

If GOD exists, how can He allow evil?

Is GOD not powerful enough, or not good enough to vanquish it?

Does GOD not know the future, and therefore blind to the evil that will occur?

Here are some good answers to consider when examining the so called

"Problem of Evil and Suffering".  It's important to note that Dr. Alvin Plantinga, arguably the greatest Christian philosopher of the 20th century, demolished the idea that the co-existence of GOD and evil are logically incompatible with his now well-known "Free Will Defense".

So we must then ask ourselves, are there morally sufficient reasons that GOD could have to the pain that we encounter in the world?  Is it possible that we don't know all the answers, being finite creatures?  Is it possible that moral evil is a necessary possibility in order for moral good to exist?  Is it logical to think that an All-Good Creator could

MAKE his creatures FREELY choose Him?

Watch this short video and share your thoughts with me..... and read Dr. Alvin  Plantinga's "Free Will Defense"

. - Pastor J