Was Jesus a Failed Eschatological Prophet?

Hi Dr. Craig

I have been a Christian all my life, I love Jesus and I want to believe in Him now more than ever, since as a young man I am thinking of of marriage and raising a god-fearing family.

However my faith has come under tremendous attack due to my exposure to atheistic arguments that attack my faith. For the most part I have been able to resist many of the arguments atheists have presented to me with the help of great philosophers like yourself, who defend the faith with reason. However recently I have been exposed to the argument that Jesus was a failed prophet i.e. His Matthew 24:34 prophecy. C.S. Lewis said of this passage "It is certainly the most embarrassing verse in the Bible." after going over the typical Christian responses I have to agree with him.

I am trying really hard to hang on to my faith, but this passage has provided the strongest objection to my personal faith yet. I have not been able to convince myself that Jesus was referring to a future generation as some theologians have tried to explain, because the language and the context of the verse make it clear that He was talking about the contemporary generation. This was the interpretation I favored but it doesn't look like it is shared by the vast majority of scholars.

The other explanation is that Jesus gave two prophecies, one about the temple's destruction and about the end of the world. However this interpretation seems compounded and forced into the passages. I have always viewed Matthew 24:34 as an end-time prophecy but it doesn't seem to have a lot of scholarly support and the context doesn't seem to support this view.

C.S. Lewis thought that Jesus simply made a wrong prophecy in his human weakness, but I have a moral problem with this view, namely why would Jesus make a prophecy about the future of the world knowing that he didn't know the future of the world?

I am desperate to believe in Jesus but how can I continue to trust in and have faith in Him if he got a the future wrong.

Please help me Dr. Craig I am really struggling to deal with this objection to my faith. What do most scholars say on the subject, and did Jesus make a false prophecy?



Russian Federation

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