GOD: The Best Explanation Of Our Reality?

What is the most plausible way to explain the features that we observe about our universe?

In this first installment of our new miniseries, "GOD: The Best Explanation?", we begin to investigate whether a personal Creator God might or might not be a good explanation to the variety of features we observe in our Reality.

In this video we also discuss 4 features of a strong worldview that need to be present:

- Explanatory Power

- Explanatory Scope

- High Degree of Plausibility

- Minimal Ad Hoc

We also examine 3 different types of reasoning that we can employ as we think about these fundamental issues:

- Deductive Reasoning - Used in philosophical argumentation.

- Inductive Reasoning - Used in scientific investigation.

- Abductive Reasoning - Used in medical/forensic examination.

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