Human Insignificance

Hi Dr. Craig. I'm a Christian from Canada and I love watching your debates on youtube. Thanks for being so awesome. You are a true inspiration.

I'm writing because I'm struggling with some questions that are really challenging my faith. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. First I'll provide you with the lens through which my questions are posed. That way you will understand my mindset.

I feel that when compared to God, I am completely devoid of significance. Even though he loves me and created me in his image and sent his only son to die for me; if compared to him, I am completely insignificant.

Moreover, I feel that the all-powerful, all-knowing God who existed in the past eternal could have created an infinite number of universes before this one and could have an infinite number of universes simultaneous to this one. This assertion leads, again, to a feeling of insignificance; also fear and doubt.

I become fearful and begin to doubt that God loves me (us) when I consider how insignificant I am by comparison. I am less than a speck of dust when considering the span of eternity and in comparison to God. Even though I am a believer, a part of me feels that it is inconceivably pretentious to believe that God Eternal - Creator of the Cosmos, loves me (us).

So now that you have the lens I'm looking through, here are my questions:

1) Does God love us? Why would he? We're so insignificant and could be easily replaced?

2) Are we, in any way, significant? How can that be?

3) Will we ever truly comprehend God? Can we ever hope to truly know him or understand him?

4) Is it wrong or evil of me to have difficulty with the idea of submitting to eternal insignificance, uncertainty, lack of control (freedom) and devotion to a being I don't truly know or understand and who I have no hope of truly knowing or understanding? Am I alone in feeling these things?

I apologize that my questions are so negative. I'm sure you can understand why it's so important to me to find some answers. If you can provide some sources for further study as well I would be very grateful.

Thanks and God Bless You.



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