Buddhism vs Christianity

By Dr. Samuel Inbaraja

1. Creator God

Buddhism – No creator God exists .

Christianity – Creator God exists . Created our universe a finite period of time ago, as explained by the Big Bang theory.

The arguments for the existence of a creator God are:

2. Moral law

Buddhism – Moral law is there, but no moral law giver . But still moral and immoral actions have consequences. Morality is relative . All their compassion, non -violence and eight-fold path , none of it absolute or objective. Buddhism is just one way of obtaining liberation. There may be other ways.

Christianity  - Moral law exists and a moral law giver gave it to us. Therefore an absolute and objective moral law exists. This moral law giver has made it obligatory for humans to live according to the moral law. There is judgement day when everyone has to account for his life before this moral law giver.

3. Man

Buddhism : Man does not have a soul or Atman. What we call as man is just his consciousness which is made up of one physical element and four psychic elements.

Christianity : Man is made in the image of God. Man has a soul and has essential worth, because he is made in the image of God. He is different from animals which do not have the image of God. Man was created so that he can have a relationship with God and also exercise dominion over the world. The soul of man is not eternal but immortal. God loves mankind.

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