Dr. William Lane Craig: "Can Nothing Do Anything?"

Can 'Nothing' cause Something?

Is It Logically Possible for 'Nothing' to produce Everything?

Is it Logical to think that "nothing can do something"?  If nothing is defined as non-existence or as non-being, then how could this work?

This would also violate a Law of Logic known as the "Law of Causality" which states that "Non-being cannot produce Being".  This is shown true in our experience thousands of times a day, and also is the undergirding of the scientific enterprise.

Even Quantum Physics doesn't violate the Law of Causality, since the Heisenberg Indeterminacy Principle only says that certain quantum events can't be predicted.  But it never states that they are uncaused.

To say that "Nothing produced Something" or "Nothing produced Everything", would appear to be worse that magic.  At least there we have the evident cause: the magician and his hat.

I'm glad that in Christianity, Logic is on our side!

- Pastor J.