Does my Proposed Christology Deny Christ’s Humanity?

Dear Dr. Craig,

My question regards your model of the incarnation, in particular its Appollinarianism. The three planks of your position are: 1) Christ had a distinct divine and human nature; 2) That the soul of Jesus is the Logos, the Second Person of the Trinity; 3) That during His earthly life, Christ had an ordinary human consciousness. The problem I see with this model is that by claiming that some component of Jesus' human nature was the Logos, you actually undermine the claim He is truly human.

One facet of being human is that we are able to experience God directly. We can engage with the Trinity as an object of perception, where God presents Himself to our self-consciousness to impart grace and revelation. We are given a gift, whereby we can participate in the relationships and love of the Godhead, where God, an agent external to us, reaches down to us. Being distinct from God, as is mandatory of the creation, is a significant aspect of human nature, and thus shapes the nature of human relationships and experiences with God.

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