The Most Ancient Old Testament Manuscripts [DEAD SEA SCROLLS] Now Searchable Online!!

In 1947, the greatest archaeological discovery of the 20th century was made:  the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The reason for the significance of these ancient manuscripts, is that they were 1,000 years older than any existing manuscripts of the time.  The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls closed the gap by over 900 years, taking the date back to 125 B.C. for Old Testament manuscript research. 

Another addtional benefit that has resulted from the discovery of these ancient biblical scrolls, is the verification of the accuracy of the scribal process that transmitted the Old Testament text.  Overall, the Dead Sea Scrolls turned out to be 95% accurate to the Masoretic manuscripts already in posession.  This confirmed the accuracy and faithfullness of the text, that makes up our modern day translations of the Bible.

Also, since 99% of the Old Testament was represented in the Dead Sea Scrolls, more than 300 Messianic prophecies can be historically verified and confirmed in these ancient documents.  Even if the date of the Old Testament could only be traced back to 125 B.C. (it actually goes back millenia more), this still allows for prophecy to be used as a powerful evidence and proof of the divine origin of the Scriptures, and of the identity of the coming Jewish Messiah: Jesus of Nazareth.

The Israeli Museum of Anitiquities (in collaboration with Google) has enabled the Dead Sea Scrolls to be digitally viewed and searched for the first time in history.  Apparently, at the click of a button, they can be translated thereby enabling you to read these ancient historical documents in comtemporary language.

Enjoy this archaeological and apologetical treasure!  And remember......... have an "Intelligent Faith"!

- Pastor J.