Mathematics as a Frontier for Intelligent Design

Article by David Klinghoffer,

Speaking of Berkeley mathematician Edward Frenkel and his argument that mathematics points to an objective reality behind and outside nature, our friend David Berlinski makes much the same point in his wonderful little book One, Two, Three: Absolutely Elementary Mathematics.

Do yourself a favor and go back and read my review of the latter here. Berlinski

returns again and again to the allusiveness of numbers and the operations we perform on them. They allude, they point to, they gesture to something beyond themselves. Just what that might be, of course -- of course, if you know anything about David Berlinski -- Berlinski won't say.

I have not yet read Dr. Frenkel's book but will do so shortly. I was going to say the "frontier" of math is virgin or unexplored territory for ID, but of course these two great math minds have already pointed the way.

Our world is one is one of concealment. Whereas in our everyday experience, ultimate reality is veiled by subjectivity -- Plato's cave, basically -- elementary math, not unlike the other sciences, suggests in Berlinski's words "as nothing else can the glory that is beyond."

In Greek, that is aeon, the world of ideas. In Hebrew it's olam, whose root means "world," "eternity," or "concealed." Scientism is the project of attempting to convince people that nothing is really veiled from us. What you see is what you get: blunt, dead matter, that's it.

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FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds (Part 3) - Embryonic Development

Is the development process of bird embryo a highly engineered biological process, or simply a chaotic collision or molecular components?

In this sequence from Illustra Media's newest documentary FLIGHT: THE GENIUS OF BIRDS you will enter a fertilized egg to witness a bird's embryonic development. Spectacular animation and live action footage document the extraordinary 21-day process of organization and growth from a few cells into a chicken.

[NEW SERIES!!] "FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds" - Part 1

FLIGHT: THE GENIUS OF BIRDS is the first episode in Illustra Media's new series THE DESIGN OF LIFE.

This remarkable documentary explores the evidence for intelligent design as revealed through the biological systems and mechanisms that make avian flight possible.

Photographed in North America, England, Peru, Greenland, and Antarctica FLIGHT celebrates birds and the miracle of life in the skies.

"The Negative Scientific Evidence against Evolution" pt.2

THE CASE FOR A CREATOR is a remarkable film about Lee Strobel's journey from spiritual skepticism to a profound faith in the God who has etched his indelible signature upon every galaxy and living cell.

In this second part of the examination of the "Negative Scientific Evidence Against Evolution" Strobel examines primarily the CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, and the insurmountable burden it presents to the theory of Darwinian Evolution.  In the Cambrian Explosion, we find a vast increase in the FORMS and also in the INFORMATION of animal types in the fossil record.  

What is the best and most scientific explanation for this dramatic increase in Form and Information.... a Designer or "Random Mutations" acting upon Natural Selection?

Watch and decide for yourself...


Understanding Intelligent Design Theory - Sean McDowell, Biola University

What is exactly is meant by "Intelligent Design"? Do certain features of reality allow us to reasonably infer that they are the product of a Mind, an Intelligence, or a Designer?

Listen to Sean McDowell, who teaches at Biola University, give a concise but interesting presentation of this scientific theory and "inference to the best explanation" called Intelligent Design Theory.

More Irreducible Complexity Is Found in Flagellar Assembly


If a structure is irreducibly complex, the assembly instructions are often even more irreducibly complex. Case in point: the bacterial flagellum.

When mainstream science journals corroborate claims we've made in support of the theory of intelligent design, we like to point it out. It shows that the case for ID grows stronger, not weaker, with time. Eleven years ago in the Illustra film Unlocking the Mystery of Life, Scott Minnich said that the assembly instructions for building a flagellum are even more irreducibly complex than the outboard-motor-like structure itself. He was right; a new paper in PNAS, with dazzling illustrations, opens Darwin's black box a little more, showing the amazing sequential assembly of this icon of ID.

The 12 authors from 5 American universities don't seem to have much use for evolutionary theory. They never mention it. Instead, they call the flagellum a "sophisticated self-assembling molecular machine" and, twice, "an intricate molecular machine."

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