Why Atheism Is Nonsense: Pt.1 - "No-thing is actually Something"

This is one of the many reasons why the "intellectual price tag" of Atheism is too high for Theists:  Nothingness is counted as something.  

The amazing thing is, it's not even mentioned that philosophically this is an incoherent idea, since it violates the Law of Non-contradiction (A cannot be A and -A in the same way or at the same time). 

Sadly, although many of these atheistic thinkers and scientists, such as Lawrence Krauss, see themselves as supremely logical and pursue science on the basis of logical inference, they themselves make rudimentary errors of the first magnitude.

Philosophically, atheism is intellectually nonsensical, logically contradictory, and mentally incoherent.

 For these reasons, and many others, I don't have enough blind faith to be an Atheist.

- Pastor J.