The Evidence of Biological Information

Is the foundation of all biological life based on something that is itself non-physical and immaterial in nature - INFORMATION?  

Do we see the signature of an Intelligent Designer within the genetic encoded language of DNA?

As you will see in this short clip from "Case For A Creator", the answer is a resounding "Yes!".  How fascinating it is that we have discovered in the 20th century, that in the midst of scientists claiming that the only reality that exists, is that which is physical and material, we have come to learn that the very foundation of life itself is based on INFORMATION - a non-physical and immaterial reality.  

The DNA molecule (hardware) and the encoded, digital language it contains (software) have rightly been dubbed "the Holy Grail" of the biological sciences and will likely be the undoing of the Neo-Darwinian naturalistic worldview.

The Evidence of Micro-Biological Machines

Is there any empirical evidence that living systems were designed or engineered?  If genuine design in living systems points to a designer, can we uncover any such design within living organisms?

MICRO-BIOLOGICAL MACHINES answer this question with a resounding "Yes!".  In this short clip, from Lee Strobel's "CASE FOR A CREATOR",  you will discover that micro-biological machines, such as proteins and the bacterial flagellum motor, betray an incredible amount of information and genetic design. 

From Atheist to Christian Theist: LEE STROBEL

An honest examination of the evidence leads a skeptic to belief in the Christian GOD?

This is the first installation of our newest series of video teachings, called"Great Thinkers & Great Questions".  This series will be focusing on the apologetic articles found in the Apologetics Study Bible, and discussing the points brought up in each article.

In this first video of the series, we make some introductory comments as to what subject areas are addressed by the articles in the ASB.  We then also cover a short article by Ken Boa on "What is Apologetics" in which he highlights 4 functions that apologetics has.

Finally, we examine an article from LEE STROBEL, in which he traces his own intellectual journey from naturalistic ATHEISM, to being persuaded by evidence into embracing CHRISTIAN THEISM.  Lee Strobel is a very well know author today, and we encourage you to listen to his own description of how he was led by an investigation of the evidence and facts to abandon the worldview of Atheism, and committed himself to the historical Person, Jesus of Nazareth.

I encourage you to be like Lee, and in your own life and search for the Truth, follow the evidence wherever it leads you - no matter what!

- Pastor J.