Is A Human Being Only Material?

Is a human being composed of more than just matter?

Is Materialism a sufficient philosophy to explain 
what we know to be true of humans?

Is there any way that we can intuitively distinguish 
between 'us' and our bodies?

In this short but penetrating video, Dr. Alvin Plantinga, regarded as the most influential Christian philosopher of the 20th century, gives a concise and penetrating look into the controversial question of materialism.  

Here, Dr. Plantinga makes the point that if we can find just one point where the body is not identical to 'us' then according to the Law of Identity, we are not our bodies.  Since materialism is one of the greatest philosophical challenges to the Christian worldview today (along with Relativism and Pluralism), we would be wise to listen to the words of this great Christian thinker.

Feel free to comment on the video, and to pass it on to anyone who would benefit from it, especially a materialist, atheist, or naturalist!  

Until next time.......have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.