5 Reasons Why "Naturalism" Fails as a Worldview

Is Naturalism a self-defeating idea to hold onto? Is it possible that Naturalism is insufficient as a perspective on reality in the areas of science, philosophy, and liveability? 

As we discuss in this episode of "Intelligent Faith Radio" the worldview of Naturalism is fraught with intellectual problems and contradictions, and is a completely bankrupt and inconsistent view of reality.  Be sure to take note of the 5 ways in which Naturalism fails, and use it in your conversations and discussions about the Christian worldview.

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18 QUESTIONS: An Invitation To My Atheist Friends

Dear Atheist friends,

As a Worldview, can Atheism, Naturalism, and Materialism answer some of most fundamental questions of human experience?

If a Worldview cannot produce a sufficient explanation to the wide variety of phenomena and realities that humans observe in this universe, if it has little or no explanatory power or explanatory scope, it should be abandoned in favor of another Worldview.  

I am extending a cordial invitation for a serious thinker to begin to publicly dialogue with me on these issues via a video conversation.  If you are a good representative of your worldview, if you really believe it to be true, make a short video answering the 18 fundamental questions that I pose.  Rather than short insulting comments, will someone courageously and intelligently represent the atheistic worldview by producing a short video with a serious response to these issues?

I eagerly await to see if someone will put their money where their mind is, and sincerely hope to begin a friendly, intelligent, genuine dialogue via video about the fundamental questions.

- Pastor J.