Transhumans, Immortality, and Zombies, Question of the week

Dear Dr. Craig,
I truly appreciate the sacrifice of time and energy that goes into your scholastic work and debates. More importantly than that, I admire your courage in sharing your Christian testimony! It helps me to see prominent academics holding fast to the faith.
Now, to the point. I study bioethics and was recently asked to think about the post-human and transhumanist perspectives on death as an evil that should be eradicated. If we look at the advances in genetics, nano-technology and artificial intelligence, it seems likely that we will be able to greatly extend human life in the coming decades. I am wondering if you could comment on 1) the implications of an indefinite life-span; namely, if one were not to die, how would one enter heaven? 2) Supposing that research in neuroscience continues apace and that we will be able to upload our mind into a non-bilogical substrate and inhabit that space indefinitely, what would be the implications for a Christian who believes that eternal life only exists in the here-after? 3) Finally, as humans continue to merge with technology in new ways and the lines blur between what constitues a human person and non-human person, what does Christianity have to say to or about these new entities?
Thanks again!
United States

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