Does Christianity Match Up With Reality??

Would you surrender your Worldview, if it didn't match up with reality?

Do you have to leave parts of your Worldview behindas you go throughout your day?

What would it take for you to decide you needed a new philosophy on life?

(Part 2 of 5) 

In this short teaching, I continue the five part series demonstrating 5  absolutely unique features of the Christian Worldview. These 5 reasons  should encourage any genuine truth-seeker to investigate Christianity before any  other system of religious/spiritual belief. 

The particular aspect of uniqueness addressed  in this video is that the Christian Worldview is uniquely COMPATIBLE with reality around us, through an examination of historical,  archaeological, scientific, and prophetic evidence. 

I hope you get  blessed by knowing that we have a uniquely COMPATIBLE worldview and philosophy of life - Chrisitianity.

- Pastor J.