"5 Reasons the Christian Worldview is Unique: #5 - It is RESPECTABLE"

(Part 5 of 5) This is the final installment of the five part series, which has highlighted five unique and special features that are peculiar to the Christian worldview and philosophy.

In this last teaching, I discuss the


nature of the Christian worldview by contrasting the historical character of Jesus of Nazareth with other founders of world religions.  Christ is


by comparison, based upon the fact that He has made superior claims, has superior evidence, sets a superior moral example, and has created a broader historical impact than any other religious figure in mankind's history.

For this reason, and the other four previously mentioned, a sincere seeker of truth would do well to start their spiritual quest by investigating the Christian worldview and philosophy before any other.  It is uniquely Verifiable (through evidence); Compatible (with reality); Central (having Jesus as it's foundation); Receivable (as a free gift, requiring no performance); and Respectable (it's founder is superior in every regard).

I encourage you to honestly, sincerely investigate the evidence and proof that exists for this most unique and one-of-a-kind worldview, Christianity.

- Pastor J.