Who is the one moral teacher
that every worldview has a special place for?

Who is the one man that every world religion
has a unique, important view of?

Jesus of Nazareth. 

5 Reasons the Christian Worldview is Unique
 Reason #3 - It is CENTRAL:

(Part 3 of 5)  In this short video teaching, I investigate another aspect of the Christian worldview and philosophy that makes it absolutely unique amongst all 25 or so world religions, the fact that it is CENTRAL.  In other words, while virtually all worldviews and philosophies have a special place for the historical figure of Jesus of Nazareth (even atheistic Humanism), Biblical Christianity has the person of Jesus at it's very core. 

Since every system has a place of prominence for the Nazarene, it makes good sense to investigate the worldview that focuses on Him as the CENTRAL foundation of it's belief and doctrine.

A true student of history and a sincere seeker on a quest for spiritual truth, would be wise to take this to heart.

- Pastor J.