"5 Reasons the Christian Worldview is Unique: #4 - It is RECEIVABLE"

(Part 4 of 5) In this short video teaching, I discuss another very unique and special feature of the Christian Worldview, when contrasted with the approx. 25 other world religions, namely that it is



By this I mean that instead of having to perform a list of duties, execute certain commands, or being obligated to undergo rigorous rituals, the Christian faith is one in which the believer comes to an understanding of the historical facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth, mentally accepts the truth claims that He made about Himself and man's condition, and then simply


the accomplished work of Christ on their behalf.  

Out of all the world's religions today, only in biblical Christianity must you absolutely nothing but


this "gift" that has been achieved through the work of Jesus of Nazareth on the cross.  All religious systems and secular philosophies today are man's attempt to reach up and touch the Transcendant, the Ultimate.... God.  But only in Biblical Christianity do we find where God Himself reaches down, to touch and rescue finite man.

- Pastor J.