Article #20 - "Is God a Moral Monster?" - Interview with Dr. Paul Copan

Is God a genocidal, xenophobic, sadistic mass murderer? Many of the New Atheist movement seem to think so. Learning how to intelligently answer the charge of pointless and innocent slaughter as supposedly seen in the books of Joshua and Samuel, is very important for believers today. One of the best responses, theologically and philosophically, that I've ever heard to this challenging questions came from Dr. Paul Copan.

In a recent interview with Lee Strobel, Dr. Paul Copan (a great Christian philosopher of Religion) discussed his new book "Is God a Moral Monster?". In this interview, he addresses many of the key issues involved in this question. I highly encourage you to copy the link below into your browser, copy the whole article for yourself, and equip yourself to have a more INTELLIGENT FAITH!!

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God bless you, until next time.

- Pastor J.