LANDMARK: "Intelligent Faith 315" has now had over 1,000 viewers, in 10 countries worldwide!

In less than 45 days, "Intelligent Faith 315" has now been viewed 1,088 times in over 10 countries worldwide.  This may not seem like much, but for a site that is less than 2 months old, I am very pleased to see how all of you are circulating the articles and videos of "Intelligent Faith 315", to help others become more equipped to better defend and share their faith in the GOD of Scripture, and reach out with good answers to those who have good questions.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to subscibe to the email list on the right side of the page, so that every new article, video, and teaching can be sent directly to you email account.  This will enable you to do 2 important things: 1. You will be able to compile a good personal storehouse of information on the topic of apologetics, to which you can turn to at any time for research and private study; 2. By receiving the electronic articles/videos directly in your email, this makes it very easy and convenient for you to send them to your church group that needs to become better equipped to defend their faith in the Lord, or forward them on to your friends or family that may be skeptical of the truth claims of Christianity.  This is an easy, and potentially powerful way, of reaching the people in your life with the information that could one day lead them to Christ. 

By the way, this is precisely how I personally came to Christ in 1998, through the persistent love of a friend, who kept sharing the Truth with me.  So remember, if you use these Truth-tools, they can be extremely effective in impacting the lives of those around you, too!

I encourage you to engage in this type of "E-vangelism" in order to impact those around you.  Also, if you can, try to recommend "Intelligent Faith 315" to a different person/skeptic every week.  This will enable us to reach more and more people every month, with truths and information that, hopefully, will help to change their lives for eternity!

Until next time, and remember...... have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.