A Question for Christians: "Why do you think the Universe had a beginning?"

"Why do you think the Universe had a beginning?" is one of the frequent questions that Christians get asked from atheists or naturalists.  It also happens to be a very important question to answer, since the beginning of the universe points powerfully to a Creator, and a beginningless/uncaused universe would go right along with the atheistic view of the cosmos.

But how can we "prove" definitively that the universe does indeed have a beginning?

I would love to see all of you take a stab at answering this question, and whoever gets the first correct answer sent to me at jason@claycup.com will be announced on "Intelligent Faith 315" in the near future.  Out of all our viewers in China, Russia, Germany, U.S., Puerto Rico, Australia, Latvia, and the United Kingdom, let's see who can be the first to give the correct response.....

Remember the command of Peter in 1 Pt 3:15?....."always be ready to give an answer...."

God bless you, until next time!

- Pastor J.