Christianity is uniquely VERIFIABLE.

What makes Christianity so special anyway?

Is there any reason that sets Christianity apart from other Worldviews and philosophies?

Are there good reasons why a truth seeker should begin their investigation of Worldviews/Philosophies, with the Christian worldview?

In this short teaching, I begin a five part series demonstrating the 5 absolutely unique features of the Christian Worldview. These 5 reasons should encourage any genuine truth-seeker to investigate Christianity before any other system of religious/spiritual belief. The aspect of uniqueness addressed in this video is that the Christian Worldview is uniquely VERIFIABLE through an examination of historical, archaeological, scientific, and prophetic evidence.

(Part 1 of 5)

I will be posting the text version/notes of this short teaching soon.  I hope you get blessed by knowing that we have a uniquely VERIFIABLE worldview and philosophy of life - Chrisitianity.

- Pastor J.