SERIES - Closer To Truth - "Is A Human Being Purely Physical/Material?" - Dr. Alvin Plantinga

If you've never heard of him before, you should inscribe his name into your memory of great Christian Thinkers so as to not forget it.  Dr. Alvin Plantinga (recently retired from University of Notre Dame) is arguably the greatest Christian philosopher of religion of the 20th century, having made enormous contributions to the philosophical strength of the Christian worldview.

Here, Dr. Plantinga lays out a simple (and infamous) philosophical argument that aims to show that believing in Evolution and Naturalism (only material objects exist in the universe) is incompatible and self-refuting.  The argument is deceptively simple, yet powerful, and focuses on what is called in logic the "Law of Identity".  The human physical body and the mind/soul/consciousness are the center topics of discussion, investigating if they are really one and the same object, or two seperate things in themselves.

Put on your philosophical thinking caps, and enjoy the lucid thoughts of Alvin Plantinga, a wonderfully bright and kind Christian philosopher.

- Pastor J.