SERIES - OneMinuteApologist - "How did you get into Apologetics?" and "What are the 3 top issues today for Apologetics?" (Dr. Norman Geisler)

Video #1 - Dr. Norman Geisler, one of the "godfathers" of modern Christian Apologetics and a world-class Christian Philosopher, explains how/why he first started studying apologetics over 50 years ago.

Video#2 - Dr. Norman Geisler, explains to us what he believes are the 3 most urgent challenges to Christian Apologetics today:  Relativism (no belief in absoltue truth); Pluralism (there are many ways to God); and Naturalism (only physical/natural things exist in the universe - no immaterial/supernatural entities), and how we can begin to answer them.

I hope his short comments provoke you to examine yourself in terms of sharing your own faith, and also to see if you are even aware of what these 3 philosophical challenges to the Christian worldview are.  May this challenge you to expand your learning on these issues, and to use your intellect to glorify your Creator!

- Pastor J.