NEW SERIES - "Closer to Truth". Did God Create Multiple Universes? (William Lane Craig)

Here we have Robert Lawrence Kuhn (host of PBS' "Closer to Truth") ask William Lane Craig about the multiverse. Questions explored: Does the multiverse contradict theism? Could God have created the multiverse? What is "branching" and "planck time" in quantum mechanics? Did God in fact create a multiverse? What would a multiverse look like?
The multiverse hypothesis was created to get around the evidence that the "big bang" was the beginning of time and space, and that a "bang" needs a "banger". Although there is no empirical evidence that a multiverse exists, a lot of "scientists" is accepting this hypothesis as being true.
Some cosmologists, such as Paul Davies and George Ellis, argue that many Multiverse theories lack empirical testability and are unfalsifiable; they are thus outside the methodology of scientific investigation to confirm or disprove.

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