NEW SERIES - "Common objections to Christianity"

I am not a sinner, I am already good enough, I am already religious, how can a good God send people to hell, religion is whatever you feel is right
Some, or most of us has probably had some doubt when it comes to God or more specifically Christianity. We will be starting a new series about the common objections to Christianity and the existence of God.
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Today we will be looking at some of these objections, 1. I am not a sinner, 2. There is no such thing as sin, 3. I am already good enough, 4. I tried Christianity once. Lets look at these questions in more detail.
  1. I am not a sinner: So are you saying you are perfect? If you are, then you're the first perfect  person I've ever met who has never sinned.
    Are you saying you've never broken the Law of God? Have you ever lied,  cheated, or stolen? If you have, then you are a sinner whether you think so or  not.  As a sinner, you are separated from God.  However, God loves you enough not to want you to be separated from Him. He sent Jesus to  pay for your sins on the cross. So, the only way to have your sins forgiven is  to put your trust in Jesus and the sacrifice He made.
  2. There is no such thing as sin
    Sin is doing what is wrong before God. To say  there is no such thing as sin is to say there is no God.  Are you willing to bet  your life that there is no God?
     Saying there is no such thing as sin doesn't mean  there isn't.  Have you ever  lied, or cheated, or stolen?  If so, then biblically, you've sinned.
     How do you know that there is no such thing as sin?  Seriously, how do you "know" there is no such thing as sin?  After all, you'd have to "know" there was no God, too.
  3. I am already good enough
    How good do you have to be to get to Heaven? God is holy, and requires  holiness. Holiness is purity. Even though you may think you are good enough,  even one sin disqualifies you from being in the presence of God. You could never  be good enough. That is why you need Jesus.

    The Bible says that there is none good enough. "There  is none who does good, there is not even one," Goodness  is measured by God's standard - not yours.

    To say that you are good enough means that Christ did not have to die. But  He did die to save sinners. The Bible says if righteousness can come by good  deeds, then Christ didn't need to die, but He  did, so being good isn't enough.
  4. I tried Christianity once
    The Bible says that once you are saved, you are never the same again; you  are a new creature. If  you have gone back to your old ways, then most probably you were never saved. If, however, you were saved, then God won't let you stay in rebellion  for long. He will deal with you in whatever way is necessary to bring you back  into fellowship with Him.

    Did you become a Christian by going to church or by asking Jesus to forgive  you of your sins? The latter makes you a Christian, the former doesn't.

    You don't try Christianity to see if it works, or if your life gets better.  You receive Christ because you trust what he has done for you on the cross so  you can escape the judgment of God upon you for your sin.
I really hope that seaking the truth about God and Christianity will bring you into a relationship with our creator.

Have Intelligent Faith

- Nelis