NEW SERIES - "Fables and facts about Creation/Evolution

During this series we will be looking at some fables and facts about the Creation/Evolution debate. We will be going more in depth in later posts.FABLE: The creation-evolution issue is an issue between religion and science.
FACT: Evolutionists want you to believe that their view is scientific and that creation isn't. Evolution has never been proven by experimentation and observation, so it is not a scientific view. Evolution is just as religious as Creation because both views require faith on the part of their adherents. No one saw God create the universe, and no one saw the "big bang" occur. Both views are religious as far as origins are concerned.

FABLE: Much scientific evidence has been brought forth in recent years in support of evolution.
FACT: Every piece of evidence produced by evolutionists amounts to conjecture, not provable facts. In reality, the true evidence supports creation, not evolution.

FABLE: Scientists have proven the universe to be billions of years old.
FACT: Scientists have proven nothing of the kind. They want the universe to be billions of years old because this allows plenty of time for working in Darwin's theory of evolution. There are many scientists who do not believe the earth to be over several thousand years old, and there is much evidence to support this theory.

FABLE: The geologic column shows a gradual evolution from simple life forms to complex life forms over millions of years.
FACT: The "geologic column" exists only in the minds of evolutionists and in the books they write. This column is nothing more than a fictional chart filled with impressive little pictures and big words. The chart is only a theory because it has never been proven scientifically.
The simplest life forms are placed at the bottom of the chart because they represent fossils which have been found in the deepest strata. This much is true, but then the fables begin. The deepest strata is presumed to be the oldest strata (never proven), and the various layers of strata represent hundreds of millions of years (never proven).
The fact is that the Genesis flood could have easily created every rock formation known to man, and the simplest life forms would naturally be found in the deepest strata because more intelligent life forms would have managed to survive the flood longer, thus being buried last. Most of the "geologic column" was created in about one year (Gen. 6-8), not billions of years.

FABLE: Radioactive dating methods have proven the earth to be billions of years old.
FACT: Radioactive dating has proven to be unreliable time and time again. Some rocks in Russia have been radioactively dated at 100 million to 10 billion years, yet it is well known that these rocks were formed by volcanos less than 200 years ago. Live mollusk shells have been dated up to 2,300 years old. Basalt from Mt. Etna, Sicily was misdated by nearly 250,000 years. Part of a baby frozen mammoth was dated at 40,000 years, while another part was found to be a much "younger" 26,000 years! The wood found around it was estimated to be even younger--10,000 years or less. Radioactive dating methods are anything but a proven science.

 Research all the evidence for yourself and have Intelligent Faith!!
- Nelis