NEW Schedule in 2012 for "Intelligent Faith 315"

As some of may know, we have come up with a very diverse and colorful schedule for the topics that we'll be posting content for in 2012.  I detailed the schedule a couple of days ago in a video I posted, but for those of you that didn't see it, here's what you can expect to see in 2012:

  • MONDAY - "Icons of Evolution", a series focusing on evaluating the strength/weakness of each of the 10 classic icons that are used to demonstrate macro-evolution (Nelis)
  • TUESDAY - "Good Arguments for God's Existence", a series examining and explaining some of the classic philosophical arguments used to demonstrate the existence of a Creator. (Pastor J.)
  • WEDNESDAY - This will be a general day left open for miscellaneous articles that are relevant. 
  • THURSDAY - "The Case For A Creator", a series examining the incredible scientific evidence discovered in the 20th century that supports belief in a Creator. (Nelis)
  • FRIDAY - "Ancient Non-christian Sources for Jesus of Nazareth" will look at 17 non-christian historical sources that verify amazing aspects of the life, ministry, death, and followers of Jesus. (Pastor J.)
In addition to this, we have begun to showcase the best apologetic books that we ourselves know of.  We've already posted one article where I recommended my top 10 apologetic books.  I have read or am reading every book on the list, and will highlight each of them in the coming weeks.  I encourage you to build  up your personal library, equip yourself with a knowledge of the truth, and watch how the Lord will use you!

God bless you all!  Remember... have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.