NEW SERIES: "Ancient Non-Christian Historical Evidence for Jesus Christ" (pt.2)

Is there any good solid historical evidence for the existence of the person Jesus of Nazareth outside of the New Testament documents?

If such a man ever even existed, wouldn't there be tangible non-christian sources that record his life, deeds, death, and following?

Well that's precisely what this new series will seek to demonstrate.  Contrary to the opinion of certain "internet infidels" or well know atheists such as Richard Dawkins or the late Christoper Hitchens, the historical existence of Jesus of Nazareth can be more reliably demonstrated than Tiberius Caesar or even Alexander the Great (both of which have less than 10 historical sources). This multiple part series, based off of the historical research of Dr. Gary Habermas (Liberty University) will cover 17 Non-christian historical sources for the life of Jesus of Nazareth.  Though this does not (and is not intended to) verify the Christian worldview, or even prove the deity of Jesus, it is a necessary element in establishing the reliability of the New Testament documents and the historical events they record.

Remember....... have an Intelligent Faith!!

- Pastor J.