NEW SERIES: "The Case for a Creator" (pt.1)

When you think of science, do you see it as disproving God? 
Do you think that most if not all scientist are atheists?
Can you believe in God and in science?
Did God create evolution and then just stepped aside and watch it from a distance?
Is there a "gap" between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 where millions of years went by for everything to evolve?
People that believe in a Creator are ignorant to the evidence out there!

During these 2 series you will find answers to these and many similar questions and objections. A reminder, if you have any questions, please post it on the website or email us.

Today we will be starting a new series called The Case for a Creator. Join us as we look at the overwhelming evidence that points towards a creator. We will be going through the book by Lee Strobel with this title.

Here is a list of what we will be look at:
  • Doubts about Darwinism
  • Where science meets faith
  • The evidence of Cosmology
  • The evidence of Physics
  • The evidence of Astronomy
  • The evidence od Biochemistry
  • The evidence of Biological Information
  • The evidence of Consciousness

research the evidence, find the truth and remember.....have an Intelligent Faith!!

- Nelis