NEW SERIES: "Good Arguments for God's Existence" pt.1

"Are there any good reasons to believe that God exists?"  
"Can a person who doesn't believe that the Bible is trustworthy, 
still see reasonable evidence for God's existence?"  
"Is it possible to demonstrate that the belief in a personal Creator of the universe (Theism) 
is the most logical, rational, and consistent worldview available?"

Well, we believe that the answer to all 3 of these commonly asked questions is a resounding "YES!", and that there are great reasons and evidence that make the belief in a personal Creator of the universe, more plausible and liveable than any rival world view.  Demonstrating this trut is the express purpose of this new series of posts, which will be published every Tuesday.

Over the course of this series, "Good Arguments For God's Existence", we will cover many solid and robust theistic arguments, which have withstood the assault of skeptics for centuries and, in some cases, even millenia:

These arguments will include:
  • The Cosmological Argument - This is a family of arguments that focuses on demonstrating God's existence from the beginning of the Universe.
  • The Design Argument - This argument seeks to investigate how the multiple levels of design that we see (biological, mathematical, terrestrial) point to the existence of a Designer.
  • The Moral Argument - God's existence is shown by examining the Moral Law within humanity, and tracing it's back to God, the Moral Law-Giver.
  • The Conceptual Argument - This argument seeks to demonstrate the existence of an eternal, unchanging Mind (God), as the source of the eternal unchanging ideas that we experience.
  • The Argument from Consciousness - Focuses on God as the Source of consciousness in the universe.  
The first line of reasoning that we will be examining will be a special version of the Cosmological argument called the "Kalam", as the muslim philosopher Al Ghazali termed it.  For an introduction to this argument, and one of it's most capable defenders today (Dr. William Lane Craig), I've posted the below video for you.  Next Tuesday, we will begin to develop the argument premise by premise.

Take notes and be blessed with this simple, but profoundly powerful tool to point people towards the Creator of the Universe using rational thinking.

 God bless you until next time.  Remember.... have an Intelligent Faith!!

 - Pastor J.