Series - "Icons of Evolution, The Miller-Urey Experiment"

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Like Pastor J said in the video, if you have not seen it please check it out here, I will be resuming the series Icons of Evolution on Mondays. The first icon we will be looking at is the Miller-Urey Experiment.

When you think of how the "early" earth looked like and how "life began" according to "scientists", do you picture it something like this following video?

This video is the opening scene from Disney’s 1940 Fantasia movie. This scenario was first formed by Russian scientist A. I. Oparin and British scientist J.B. Haldane. In the 1920's they suggested that lightning in the primitive atmosphere could have produced the chemical building blocks of life. Darwin never really claimed to know how everything began, he just speculated that it may have started in "some warm little pond". The same way Oparin and Haldane hypothesized that chemicals produced by the atmosphere dissolved on the primordial sea to form what is now known as the "primordial soup", from where the first living cells emerged.
This hypothesis captured the imagination of many scientists, but it remained untested until the early 1950's when an American graduate student Stanley Miller and his Ph.D. advisor Harold Urey produced some of the chemical building blocks of life by sending an electric spark through a mixture of gases they thought simulated the Earth's primitive atmosphere.
This experiment generated enormous excitement in the scientific community, and found its way into almost all high school and college biology text books as evidence that scientists demonstrated how life began.
  The Miller-Urey experiment is still shown on television documentaries, magazines and text books as one of the icons of evolution. Yet for more than a decade most geochemists have been convinced that the experiment failed to simulate conditions on the early Earth, and has almost nothing to do with the origin of life.
In the following video Jonathan Wells give us an explanation of why the Miller-Urey experiment cannot be an accurate explanation of how life began.

In next week's post we will be going more in depth into the experiment and see scientifically how this cannot be scientific proof, but a failed experiment.

If you want more info about this topic, check out the website of Icons of Evolution or the Discovery Institute

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