**What can you expect to find at "INTELLIGENT FAITH 315" in 2012?? Find out here.....**

Want to find out what to expect on "Intelligent Faith 315", Monday through Friday in 2012?

Take a couple of minutes to listen to the line-up that we have for you: scientific evidence against evolution; philosophical evidence for God's existence; additional scientific discoveries and research that point towards a Creator; Ancient historical evidence (non-biblical) that verifies the life of Jesus of Nazareth; and much much more!

This video also describes how we will be integrating Amazon.com into the site this year, along with some cool DVD giveaways for participating viewers.

Check it out, send us your feedback and suggestions, and get ready for a great year of solid evidence, powerful proof, and solid reasoning that supports the Christian worldview in 2012!

Remember....... have an Intelligent Faith!!

- Pastor J.