What is the single best thing that a serious christian student can spend their money on??

ANSWER:  Great Christian Books!

I just wanted to recommend some of these great books to you all.  I own almost all of them, and have read almost all of the ones I own.  Let me give you a short summary of each of them, in hopes that it may whet your appetite to begin/continue in building up one of the most necessary and powerful tools in the arsenal of any serious believer, a personal library.

    • "Introduction to Philosophy - A Christian Perspective" - Dr. Norman Geisler                               This is a basic introductory book to the field of philosophy from a Christian perspective.  It demonstrates all of the basic fields of philosophy, and shows how this subject is a mighty tool in the hands of an intelligent Christian.  Great book. 
    • "When Skeptics Ask" - Dr. Norman Geisler                                                                              This is an entry level book on all the general areas of apologetics.  It touches on the wide variety of subjects within the field, such as: philosophy, science, archaeology, manuscripts, prophecy, etc..  It is a very good book to start with.
    • "Contend Earnestly For The Faith"- Dr. Phil Fernandes                                                             I don't personally own this book yet, but I love Dr. Fernandes lectures (Institute of Biblical Defense) and am persuaded that he is an excellent scholar and defender of the faith.  Check him out!
    • "The Atheist Delusion" -  - Dr. Phil Fernandes                                                                             I don't personally own this book yet, but I love Dr. Fernandes lectures (Institute of Biblical Defense) and am persuaded that he is an excellent scholar and defender of the faith.  Check him out!
    • "Reasonable Faith" - Dr. William Lane Craig                                                                              William Lane Craig is arguably the most able defender of the faith today.  This is one of his hallmark books and should be read by everyone sincerely interested apologetics.  It is up to date and should be foundational in your personal study.  Great book. 
    • "The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics" - Dr. Norman Geisler                             This is a large but excellent reference tool for the entire field and history of apologetics.  Any argument, atheist, or apologist could probably be found within it's pages.  It's a wonderful reference tool for you library, to have on hand for quick, but very in-depth articles.
    • "Contending With Christianity's Critics" - Dr. William Lane Craig                                          This is a recent compilation of some of the best apologists in different fields of apologetics: history, biology, astronomy, philosophy, etc...  Dr. Craig, Dr. Copan, Dr. Geisler, Dr. Ross are but some of the exceptional scholars that contribute very good essays in this useful volume.  Great book.
    • "Christian Apologetics" - Dr. Norman Geisler                                                                           This is a basic introductory book to the field of general apologetics and worldview studies.  It demonstrates all of the basic worldviews today: pantheism; panentheism; polytheism; finite godism; theism; atheism; agnosticism.  It also covers philosophical ideas prevalent in each of these systems.
    • "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist" - Dr. Norman Geisler/Frank Turek                   This is a general look at numerous ways in which the Christian worldview holds the best explanation to what we observe in physics, astronomy, philosophy, microbiology, history, and many other areas.  It combines the passionate personality of Frank Turek (Cross Examined), with the scholarly research of Dr. Geisler.  Great book.  
    • "Philosophical Foundations For A Christian Worldview" - Dr. Craig                          If you are sincerely interested in Christian Philosophy, then this is the most important book you could buy for your library.  It is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and scholarly book I've ever read on the broad field on philosophy, but which also analyzes each of them from the Christian worldview.  It is an outstanding work and is a must have for the christian-philosopher-apologist!!  My favorite!!
I hope you will investigate these books and get at least one of them so that each of you can grow in what is called "the life of the mind".  This is a very neglected area of Christian discipleship in most churches, though Jesus commanded us not to (Mt 22:37).  Use your mind and intelligence for the glory of God to know why you believe what you believe, and also to be an effective ambassador for Christ in this secular post-modern society.  Have an "Intelligent Faith"!!

- Pastor J.