NEW SERIES: "Good Arguments for God's Existence" - Intro pt.2

"Is it possible to 'prove' God's Existence in a rational and logical fashion?"

"Are there things in the universe and our human experience that are best explained by the existence of a Personal Creator?"

These questions and many others will be answered in this new series, concerning classical arguments for God's existence. These arguments use simple but powerful reasoning to demonstrate that it's more plausible to believe that a personal Creator God exists, than not.

This is an introduction to the topic of "Natural Theology", which is the subject area that these arguments are a part of. After the intro, we will begin covering some powerful and classic lines of reasoning to show God exists, such as:

the Cosmological Argument; the Design Argument; the Moral Argument; the Conceptual Argument; and many more....

I sincerely hope you'll tune in for the entire series, take notes, and begin to lovingly and intelligently share with those around you the great reasons we have for believing that the God of Scripture exists.

Untill next time.... have an Intelligent Faith!!

- Pastor J.