SERIES: "Good Arguments for God's Existence - Cosmological Argument from Contingency" - Final Summary

"Why does anything exist at all, as opposed to nothing?"

"Is there an explanation for every being that exists?"

Christian philosopher, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, proposed that the answer to the above 2 questions lay in the concept of a Necessary Being, i.e. God.  His argument went like this:

  1. Everything that exists has an explanation, either in the necessity of it's own nature, or in an external cause.
  2. If the universe has an explanation, that explanation is God.
  3. The universe exists.
  4. Therefore, the explanation of the universe is God.

Is this argument coherent?  

Does it contain logical errors

Does this argument make sense

Watch this last video for this argument, where we summarize it from beginning to end, and you decide if it's convincing or not.  I think it is a very powerful concept, which points to a Being which is Necessary, timeless, immaterial, incredibly powerful, and personal!  Sounds a bit like the God of Scripture to me!  Let me know what you think....

Until next time..... have anIntelligent Faith!