Series - "Icons of Evolution, Darwin's Tree of Life, Why this is NOT scientific"

“The evidence that all life, plants and animals, humans and fruit flies, evolved from a common ancestor by mutation and natural selection is beyond theory. It is a fact. Anyone who takes the time to read the evidence with an open mind will join scientists and the well-educated”

The take-home message is that if you doubt Darwin’s tree of life, you’re ignorant. No one wants to be ridiculed, so it’s a lot easier to buy the rhetoric and “join scientists and the well-educated.” 

This will be the last post of 4 from the “Darwin's Tree of life” series. Today we will be looking why this is NOT scientific and what scientists say. Here are 2 articles from the New Scientist magazine:

As far as the data is concerned, a New Scientist article admits, “Ever since Darwin the tree has been the unifying principle for understanding the history of life on Earth,” but because “different genes told contradictory evolutionary stories,” the notion of a tree of life is now quickly becoming a vision of the past — as the article stated “today the project lies in tatters, torn to pieces by an onslaught of negative evidence. Many biologists now argue that the tree concept is obsolete and needs to be discarded,” and as scientists quoted in the article said, “We have no evidence at all that the tree of life is a reality” or the tree is being “annihilated.” Perhaps the reason why different genes are telling “different evolutionary stories” is because the genes have wholly different stories to tell, namely stories that indicate that all organisms are not genetically related. For those open-minded enough to consider it, common design is a viable alternative to common descent. 

  1. Evolution is far too complex to be explained by a few roots and branches, they claim.
  2. But today the project [tree of life] lies in tatters, torn to pieces by an onslaught of negative evidence.
  3. Dr. Eric Bapteste: We have no evidence at all that the tree of life is a reality.
  4. By the mid-1980s there was great optimism that molecular techniques would finally reveal the universal tree of life in all its glory. Ironically, the opposite happened.
  5. "As early as 1993, some were proposing that for bacteria and archaea the tree of life was more like a web. In 1999, Doolittle made the provocative claim that "the history of life cannot properly be represented as a tree" (Science, vol 284, p 2124). "The tree of life is not something that exists in nature, it's a way that humans classify nature," he says."
  6. Dr. John Dupré: If there is a tree of life it's a small irregular structure growing out of the web of life.
  7. Dr. John Dupré: Our standard model of evolution is under enormous pressure.
  8. Dr. Michael Rose: The tree of life is being politely buried – we all know that. What's less accepted is our whole fundamental view of biology needs to change.
  9. Surprisingly, HGT [horizontal gene transfer] also turns out to be the rule rather than the exception in the third great domain of life, the eukaryotes. For a start, it is increasingly accepted that the eukaryotes originated by the fusion of two prokaryotes, one bacterial and the other archaeal..."
  10. Having uprooted the tree of unicellular life, biologists are now taking their axes to the remaining branches.
  11. Some researchers are also convinced that hybridization has been a major driving force in animal evolution, and that the process is ongoing....This is especially true in rapidly evolving lineages with lots of recently diverged species...

There was a huge uproar from evolutionary scientists when these articles were published, but the facts still remain and they CANNOT be ignored. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the series, if even one doubt about ANY theory surfaces it NEEDS to be reexamined and even marked as a myth. We all know that will not be the case for evolution very soon, but more and more scientists who dig a bit deeper are seeing what a “scam” evolution actually is.
Research the evidence for yourself, from both sides, and you will see where the truth will lead you. I pray that all who reads this will come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and remember……

Have an Intelligent Faith!!