3 Great Apologetic Authors: Craig, Habermas, and Mcdowell

Dr. William Lane Craig:  Author of "Hard Questions, Real Answers" and of "Reasonable Faith".  He is a Phd professor at Talbot Theological Seminary and, arguably, the most able defender of Christianity today.  His specialization in Philosophical Apologetics.

Dr. Gary Habermas:  Author of "The Historical Jesus" and "The Case For The Resurrection".  In my opinion, and many others, he is the world-expert on the historical evidence surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the ancient non-christian testimony concerning Christ, as well.  His specialization is Historical Apologetics.

Sean Mcdowell:  Author of "Is God a Human Invention?" and a major contributing editor of the "Apologetics Study Bible".  Sean is one of the most energetic and popular young apologists on the scene today.  His passion and burden for today's Christian youth, and his insightful mind make him a great resource to get equipped in apologetics.  Sean focuses on the broad range of apologetic topics confronting youth, and so can be thought to specicialize in General Apologetics, touching a bit on everything.

I hope you will prayerfully consider acquiring the books of one of these great authors, digest the material, and equip yourself to defend and proclaim the Truth of the Christian worldview with reason and intelligence!

God bless you all!  Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.