Atheists Coming Out of the Closet? - The 'Reason Rally' in D.C on March 24th

What is the presence and the status of Atheism 
in America today?

What do Atheists aim to accomplish 
by assembling in Washington D.C.?

Tomorrow, March 24th, will possibly be the largest public gathering of Atheists in history.  Still a vast minority in America at large, and in the US Government, atheists are trying to change all of that.  The purpose of the march seems to be that the atheists want people to know that they too have a political voice, they want to be heard, and there's more of them than non-atheists think.  Even the Grand Pope of Evolutionary-Atheism, Richard Dawkins, will be there himself in DC.  

I would suggest two things in light of tomorrow's "Reason Rally":
  1. If there is ever a time to know the great REASONS we have for believing in a personal Creator and the Christian worldview, it is now.
  2. Use this rally as a conversation starter with your friends, family, co-workers, etc... and share with them some of the tools we've been sharing with you on IF315 regarding the Christian worldview and faith.
Be a bold, loving witness...... and have and Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.