Christians raise $400 to help sick atheist who attacked their beliefs

Christians Help Atheist Who Fought Their Nativity Scene

K-house Enews - March 23, 2012
An atheist, Greene did not believe the religious symbol of Christmas had any place on government property. Then, as quickly as he blew into Henderson County, he withdrew. He believed he suffered from a detached retina and was going blind. He had to leave his job as a taxi driver, he elaborated, and he did not have health insurance, according to the Malakoff News. Greene thought his short foray into Henderson County ended there, but a group of Christians organized to offer him money. They asked how they could help and Greene, who was in the Air Force for eight years, admitted that he needed money for groceries until he sorted out his social security. When a check arrived for $400, he was surprised and touched. “They said they wanted to do what real Christians are supposed to do – love you – and they wanted to help,” Greene told  Read the full MSNBC article here.