"What are the essential New Testament truths 
about the Person of Jesus?"

"How can I know if I believe some false doctrine 
concerning the identity of Christ?"

"How can I ensure that I am THINKing correctly 
concerning Jesus?"

(Part 1 of 4) This is a recent message that I shared on Sunday morning that focuses on the 4 doctrinal truths about Jesus (Christology), that can't be surrendered or watered down if we are to maintain historical orthodoxy concerning Christ. These 4 central truths can be remembered by the acronym T.H.IN.K.:

- Trinity:  Jesus is the second Person of the Triune Godhead
- Hypo-static Union:   In Christ there is a union of a fully divine a fully human nature
- INcarnation:   Jesus took on a normal human body and existence, just like us
- Kenosis:    Christ apparently limited His access to His divine powers while on earth

I hope you are blessed and amazed by the incredible love that the Son of God has displayed for us in coming to the earth as He did. 

Feel free to email me your thoughts at jason@claycup.com. Tune in for the next 3 installments.

- Pastor J.