Ancient Convict and Greek Writer Mention Jesus of Nazareth!

Can we can learn historical facts about Jesus from an incarcerated father writing to his son?

Can an ancient Greek writer inform us regarding the historical life of Jesus?

In this video, we continue our series "Ancient Non-Christian Historical Sources for Jesus of Nazareth", and we will briefly investigate two interesting secular sources, Lucian and Mara Bar Serapion. The former source, Lucian, is an ancient Greek Satirist writing of Christ, and from whom we can glean no less that 16 interesting and helpful historical facts concerning the person of Jesus.

The latter reference, Mara Bar Serapion, is an imprisoned Greek man writing a personal letter to his son in the first to third century AD.  In this letter he encourages his son to look to the wise and prominent men of the past as an example for good living.  Here he mentions Jesus of Nazareth as a great Jewish leader.

Finally, if you haven't already, please go to and download Dr. Gary Habermas' dissertation paper entitled"17 Non-christian Historical Sources for Jesus of Nazareth", which is what we're reading through in this series.

Enjoy the teaching, and remember.......have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.