Harvard University Law Professor Believes in Jesus Christ? - SERIES: "Ancient Non-Christian Historical Evidence for Jesus"

Harvard University, Royal Law Professor, 
and world renowned courtroom evidence expert:
Simon Greenleaf

This is an interesting 2 part video series that I wanted to introduce into our series on "Ancient Non-christian Historical Evidence for Jesus of Nazareth".  In this first video, you will be introduced to an interesting scholar of law and the courtroom standards for evidence, Simon Greenleaf.  

As you will learn, Greenleaf is was the Royal Professor of Law at Harvard in his day and literally wrote the book that determines the rules and standards for good/acceptable courtroom evidence.  Greenleaf was a legal scholar and firm believer in Jesus Christ historically.  He also went on to write a book entitled "The Testimony Of The Evangelists" which examines the historical and textual evidence of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament.  How would these 4 documents fare, if submitted to an examination of them in light of the Harvard and legal standards for courtroom evidence?  Watch and find out.....

Remember.... have an Intelligent Faith!!

- Pastor J.