Was Christ a Divine-Human Person?

Dear Dr. Craig


I have read many of your books, regularly listen to your podcasts, and have heard you speak in-person. I am trying to untangle a question, and I need your help.

I need clarification about the person of Christ, so I can effectively answer unitarian theists such as Moslems and resolve my own confusion.

In Christ, we find a unique person who is fully God and fully man. So we might represent this in an equation as follows: God + man = Christ.

We know from the Bible that we are to worship God alone, yet the person of Christ accepts worship from Thomas and is addressed in prayer by Stephen.

But how can this be, since Christ is not God alone but forever the God-man? As a Christian, I am not worshiping Christ's human body, but I am worshiping his person. And that person is not solely God but also man. Does this not violate the scriptural principle of worshiping God alone?

Please help me untangle my thinking, so I can effectively communicate to others. Thank you.


United States

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