Can Probabilities Vindicate Jesus? - pt.2

How hard is it to fulfill ancient prophecy....accidentally?

(pt.2 of 3) This is an interesting video in which Dr. Missler examines the statistical likelihood of Jesus of Nazareth accidentally fulfilling 8, 16, and even 48 Messianic predictions from the Old Testament. This research is based off of Dr. Peter Stoner, from Harvard, and the book he wrote entitled "Science Speaks", where as a mathematician he employs Probability Theory to arrive at the conclusions he does.

The interesting thing is that all of the predictions were written down over 400years before hand (or more in many cases) and we can still read the manuscripts today to verify them. The Septuagint manuscripts are one such famous ancient manuscript that we have.

Any unbelieving skeptic has plenty of opportunity to verify the manuscript's age and prediction, and then cross reference it with the historical fulfillment in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Please investigate it for yourself, as I did, if you are skeptical.

Finally, if even ONE of these predictions be true, the cause must be supernatural/beyond our universe, since no natural explanation will suffice. All of the Old Testament authors said that they were inspired by GOD to write these predictions down, which would seem very plausible, especially of dozens of predictions were fulfilled, and were then verified historically.

Investigate the evidence and follow it wherever it leads. Try to disprove it, and if it holds true - accept it and its implications for your life.

- Pastor J