"If GOD, Why Evil?" - Multiple Answers

If GOD exists, how can He allow evil?

Is GOD not powerful enough, or not good enough to vanquish it?

Does GOD not know the future, and therefore blind to the evil that will occur?

Here are some good answers to consider when examining the so called

"Problem of Evil and Suffering".  It's important to note that Dr. Alvin Plantinga, arguably the greatest Christian philosopher of the 20th century, demolished the idea that the co-existence of GOD and evil are logically incompatible with his now well-known "Free Will Defense".

So we must then ask ourselves, are there morally sufficient reasons that GOD could have to the pain that we encounter in the world?  Is it possible that we don't know all the answers, being finite creatures?  Is it possible that moral evil is a necessary possibility in order for moral good to exist?  Is it logical to think that an All-Good Creator could

MAKE his creatures FREELY choose Him?

Watch this short video and share your thoughts with me..... and read Dr. Alvin  Plantinga's "Free Will Defense"

. - Pastor J